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A brief introduction to the diverse backgrounds of the four starry eyed nature lovers who form the Four Pillars of SiriDharini.



By profession Sunil is a Certified Financial Planner, certified by the Financial Planning Standards Board India. He has a rich expertise of creating wealth for his thousands of highly satisfied clients who will vouch by his single minded focus on his job. He is a person who does not work to earn a living but he is a person who is driven by his passion to help his clients become wealthy. His firm belief – “Make your client wealthy and you are wealthy too “is the ONLY mantra that has been driving the man to his success. He has been creating wealth for his people since a decade now. Sunil’s vision is to provide comprehensive, holistic life and financial planning with an unbiased and transparent approach with a win – win policy. Sunil has always been a nature lover and he is an avid trekker, having trekked across the most challenging of forest terrains in the picturesque Western Ghats, his vision is to spawn a breed of nature lovers and help them enjoy the beauty of Western Ghats also the Himalayas. He believes that it is his responsibility to conserve forests and to that, he has to his credit, the record of planting more than 500 saplings by forming an association of tree lovers.

Sathyanarayan V.R

A very passionate human being, his passion for helping people taps their full potential of their lives. Yes, he is a life coach par excellence; he has a phenomenal track record of changing the lives of thousands of people, empowering people to lead a meaningful life with satisfaction. He is a man who has undergone the most rigorous of trainings, he has come out unscathed through the test of fire or rather the test of life and he has emerged a winner, a true champion made of a steely resolve. Sathyanarayan’s own life stood on the brink of extinction until he decided to turn life on its head to script a stupendous success story. In fact, after proving to himself that life can be challenged and changed to suit his own terms of living, he founded Consumax Life Empowering Pvt Ltd., an organization that dedicates itself to helping people empower themselves and lead great lives. He is today the Founder, Managing Director of V R Consumer World Group Ventures Pvt Ltd, Founder Trustee of Consumax Foundation and Founder, Managing Director of S P Home Foods. Today, we are proud to declare that this celebrated Life Coach who is credited with creating fairy tale success stories, building empires out of a scratch, is one of the founding pillars of SiriDharini. Here is a man who excels in creating everything out of nothing! And, he is passionate about offering SiriDharini to you, is passionate about giving you a great experience for a lifetime and also is passionate to create a life full of riches, health and wealth to you, the occupants and dwellers of SiriDharini.

Suresh N

A jeweller by profession, in the trade since more than one and a half decades, he is trained to identify a rare and precious piece of stone which normally could be passed off as an ordinary stone. He carries within himself an innate quality of discerning true jewels and today, he is convinced beyond an iota of doubt that SiriDharini is the best jewel that he has beheld in life thus far. He says the reason for him to feel so is the heavenly ambience of SiriDharini that is being offered with its plethora of amenities and services. As a seasoned jeweler in the heart of Bengaluru’s Avenue road, Suresh’s pride has been his combination of antique, ethnic and contemporary jewels that has had a whole generation of his clientele swear by his quality and business ethics. He is a humble person who brings in utmost transparency in his trade and in his relationship with fellow human beings. He aims to be the cultural brand ambassador for SiriDharini and his single minded goal is to promote the magic of SiriDharini to one and all. 


A dedicated Marketing professional, a key associate at SiriDharini who comes with a rich experience of more than 7 years in the field of marketing and offering customer satisfaction. Dhanraj too carries a lot of zest for life and is a keen nature lover having planted more than 500 saplings as part of afforestation drives. His one and only desire is to extend a delightful experience to all who make SiriDharini their home. Dhanraj is an excellent trekker and has negotiated some of the most challenging peaks in Karnataka and he, along with Sunil Kumar intends to inspire and inculcate the habit of exploring, outdoors living and trekking to the younger generation. He looks forward to start a special coaching camp for the young ones of SiriDharini dwellers. 

The above four individuals having come together form the think tank and share a common vision to develop SiriDharini as a piece of heaven on earth and stand as four solid pillars of a great idea whose time has come. 

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