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About US

Siri Dharini is an intoxicating idea of a cozy farmhouse brought to you by a team of sun kissed worshippers of nature. Siri Dharini is an idyllic retreat where you get to rediscover your childhood as you merge into the bewitching greenery. As you wander around your own farmhouse unmindfully, you can pamper yourself with delicious low hanging fruits, quench your thirst by the sparkling brook and stretch your body under a canopy of green, on a rich carpet of grass to get transported into your dream world with the songs of birds and the rich fragrance of flowers and other different types of plantations wafting your senses into a surreal world.

Siri Dharini is an idealistic place that not only nurtures your health but enriches your wealth through a gamut of profitable farming options. Siri Dharini welcomes you into the world of cultivation through organic farming which helps you raise your own handpicked nursery of cash rich crops!

Siri Dharini is your weekend destination, your own farmhouse which can alter your destiny through a robust mixture of health and wealth.

Siri Dharini Eco – Farms is nestled in one of the rarest locations, in carefully chosen plot of eight and half acres suited to nurture different types of plantations. The farm is on the Kotthamadagu – Anekal- Thally main road – just a 20 minute drive from Bannerghatta National Park. The project is located adjacent to the main road connecting Anekal, Jigani Industrial Estate, Attibele and Hosur. The project is being intelligently architected to be a part of the environment and to contribute to eco farming without compromising on urban lifestyle.

“Far from the maddening crowd”

– is not just the name of a novel. It is the growing silent cry of every overworked heart. In today’s “ wired global village “ where boundaries have blurred along with vanished timelines and ever increasing deadlines, the tectonic faultiness  are making deeper inroads in the recesses of the struggling man’s mental landscape, ever threatening to fall apart like a fragile piece of the earth’s crust!

Well, this is narrative of today’s teeming population torn apart by life and its bottomless pit of demands. If you are seeing even a faint description of your own reflection in this narrative, then, wait no more, press the “ ESC “ button and escape with your near and dear ones to fall into the comforting arms of SiriDharini, mother nature decked up in all her beauty.

SiriDharini not only soothes the mind, heals the heart and rejuvenates the body, but also offers you an abundance of riches from her bountiful treasures.

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